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We are Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands, flowers , pots, seeds, substrates, fertilizers and fertilizers delivered to you in Florida. Buy today and receive the best quality products to organize your orchard, garden and balcony. We work to make your spaces more beautiful and natural. Our taste and love for plants and design, gave birth to the idea of bringing green into homes and offices, to create atmospheres that transport us to natural environments through plants and objects inspired by nature. Today we have a variety of plants specially selected for companies and social events, carefully selected materials and design objects to bring all the beauty - and benefits - that nature offers us and thus bring us closer to it. 

Grow bag wholesale price

The Grow bag wholesale price is ideal for the plants you handle in your crops. It guarantees the healthy growth of the seed during the whole process, as well as the perforations that facilitate the constant flow of water. The nursery bag is ideal for citrus and fruit trees, avocado, reforestation, coffee and palm seedlings, among others. The nursery bags are made of low density polyethylene, they can have a gusset at the base or side, which is a lateral fold inward that serves to reinforce the structure of the bag, as well as to give it stability. It also includes perforations at the base and on the walls to allow excellent drainage and aeration of the plant's root system. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. 


Through Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands, we can transform the green areas of your home or the terraces and balconies of your apartment into unique places to enjoy and share with your family. We provide plants and support to garden centers for design and execution to ensure the fulfillment of the project's objectives. Through landscape nursery, we help transform the green areas of buildings, recreational centers, offices, homes or terraces into unique places of well-being. We suggest alternatives where nature in its styles, shapes and colors, becomes a transforming element that harmonizes the space and provides quality of life. We have a team specialized in the nursery of plants, as well as technical and professional experts in the management of ornamental plants , to develop projects that are sustainable over time. 

Plant Nursery Wholesale

We are a Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands founded in Florida, with great experience in the production and commercialization of all types of ornamental plants, tropical and native forest species, timber and fruit trees. We are pioneers in the reproduction of native and exotic forest and ornamental species from different regions and thermal floors, making available to our customers more than 600 different ornamental and 400 forest varieties, thus contributing to promote the conservation of flora and its associated fauna, the sustainable use of natural resources and the conservation of ecosystems. Our production centers have an ever-increasing propagation capacity, which is adapted to market demand and to the continuous addition of new species to our inventory. 

Wholesale plants for hotels

Contact us if you’re looking Wholesale plants for hotels. One of the best options when it comes to achieving the perfect ambiance in any room or hotel room is the use of indoor plants as a decorative complement. Their health benefits have been widely proven: they create relaxing environments and, therefore, reduce stress levels. However, they also help to reduce dust by reducing the dryness of the environment. No matter the style of decoration, so many varieties of flowers and plants are easily adaptable to any style and environment, whether traditional or completely modern. Indoor plants in decoration not only have multiple aesthetic benefits, they also provide psychological benefits that make them an unbeatable element for hotel decoration. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. 

Wholesale terracotta pots

When you want Wholesale terracotta pots. Nothing better than terracotta pots for our homes. Who doesn't like plants and flowers ? From the smell to their beauty for decoration, they can be ideal. To place them, this type of pot is especially beautiful for its classic style. In addition, with glazes or paint, you can achieve incredible effects. Clay or terracotta gives it a classic and natural design, although nowadays we can also find it in colors. Although it is a more fragile and heavy material than others, its style together with its porosity, which allows air to enter and water to escape easily, make it unique and special. They are used as a decorative element. Hence, there is such a wide variety of materials, sizes and colors. They are placed inside or outside the home (or any premises) and achieve a charming lively and decorative look. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands.  

Wholesale Indoor Plants

We are Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. Do you want to buy wholesale plants for landscaping or farms? Are you looking for an online plant nursery? Rock & Rose Growers is the plant supplier you need. We have a long experience in the nursery and agricultural sector. We offer flowers and seedlings with an excellent quality-price ratio. We have a varied catalog, in which you can find: Olive or fruit tree seedlings for high yielding farms. In addition, indoor plants, outdoor plants, hanging plants and ornamental trees for the decoration of spaces and gardens. In Rock & Rose Growers, we are specialists in plants wholesale. We are located in Florida. Do you want to make a plantation and need seedlings for cultivation; do you have landscaping projects and need ornamental plants? Then, contact us so that a team specialized in plants wholesale can advise you. 

Wholesale Trees

Do you want to decorate your garden, give color to your house? Have you thought about Wholesale Trees? We tell you everything you should keep in mind about the care of ornamental trees. Check their aesthetic effect. Trees also full of fragrances that will offer you well-being and relaxation. Contact us and we will advise you on the best solution for all your outdoor spaces. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. Of course, ornamental trees are very valuable in any garden. This is the first thing we would like to emphasize: their aesthetic effect, the joy they can bring to any home. Do not forget to count on this type of trees if you are going to decorate your garden . You will never regret having them.

Bulk seeds for sale

Bulk seeds for sale, the most striking product of our catalog, it is not necessary to pay much for a seed when the production of seeds is simple, in a square meter you can get many seeds, for that reason, it is not a product that should be sold so expensive. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. On the contrary, being a product with such easy production and abundance should be much cheaper, that is why we offer bulk seeds for sale from the best producers with 95% germination , all are tested before selling, because we do not want our customers to waste time or money. They are highly recommended for novice growers. Bulk seeds for your crop will always be the best option. 

Wholesale Tropical Plants

Are you looking for a Wholesale Tropical Plants? We buy our variety of plants from local growers. This offers certain important advantages. We also maintain close contact with the growers so that we can monitor the quality of the plants and flowers. In addition, it allows us to buy the plants and flowers fast enough to be able to deliver them to you as quickly as possible. We are a wholesaler of green plants, especially for florists and garden centers that only sell the best quality. We have more than 400 customers in Belgium and France. Make us your regular professional plant supplier and take advantage of a range of more than 5,000 fresh plants available every day. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. 

Wholesale Fruit Trees

Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands to enjoy your fruit trees you need to have some knowledge. And dedication. The first thing to consider is the quality of the soil. Not all fruit trees are compatible with all types of soils. One of the most important tasks if you want to have a good harvest is pruning. It should be done periodically to rejuvenate its branches and that the fruits reach a good caliber. If you are not an expert in pruning, we recommend that you leave this task in the hands of specialists. Along with pruning, special attention should be paid to watering and fertilization . Know exactly how much water each variety of tree needs and of course know when to add fertilizer to ensure vigorous growth. Fertilization should also be done at certain times of the year to be successful. 

Wholesale Orchids

Wholesale Orchids are probably the most extensive family of plants, with more than 25,000 species identified so far by scientists. Although the variation in size, color and texture is enormous, their flowers have a basic structure: three sepals and three petals, but one of them is different from the other two and is called labellum. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. The differences between them are so great that we could hardly think that they are "relatives", starfish-shaped orchids, orchids with beards, with hairs, shiny orchids, others made almost of wax, red orchids, purple orchids, white, mottled, yellow, pale pink, green orchids; orchids that simulate bees or butterflies or delicate pansies, spider orchids, aromatic orchids, stinky or odorless. Some tiny, others gigantic; lady's slippers, tulip shapes, mandarin face, knot, hedgehog... a feast of shapes, colors and sizes.

House plant wholesale

Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands to inspire others with our love for plants, because we know that the power of inspiration is exponential. From a small conscious action, we can sow seeds in the earth and in others. For this reason, in Rock & Rose Growers you will find air purifying plants, ornamental plants, forest and flower plants that infect someone else with life and good energy; aromatic and fruit plants that provide us with organic food. All our plants are planted in pots appropriate to their size, with substrates specially formulated for each of them and with a care guide that you will find in each product of our website we ensure that your plants are in optimal conditions in their new home for much longer. In addition, thinking of a useful, ecological, decorative product that participates in an important and lasting social impact. 

Wholesale succulents

We offer Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands. Succulent or succulent plants (from the Latin suculentus , 'very juicy') are those in which some organ or part has been modified into a new specialization that allows the storage of water in much greater quantities than in the rest of the plants. "These are parts with a large proportion of parenchymal tissue that can store large amounts of water." This adaptation allows them to maintain water reserves for extended periods and survive in arid, dry environments that other plants find uninhabitable. The most typical example of succulence is the New World cacti, but there are other plant families that exhibit the same phenomenon; the euphorbiaceae of Africa have a very similar adaptation and are commonly confused with cacti.  

Wholesale grass seed suppliers

The grass is a plant that is part of the family group of grasses (herbaceous plants), characterized by its creeping stem and cylindrical shape, its knots, its short leaves and its flowers organized in spikes. We usually call grass turf and it is used to cover certain soils according to each person's needs. It is usually used in the field of gardening. For this reason, if we want to have a good soil covered with grass, we must buy quality seeds recommended by experts on the subject, and, also, ideally, is to choose the special grass for the climate where it will be planted, so that its development and growth is the most convenient and ideal. In Rockrosegrowers we are Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands, we have available several types of grasses, you just have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Pampas grass wholesale

We are a Pampas grass wholesale. Pampas grass, a plant considered invasive, can be used in our garden using hybrid varieties. It is an ornamental, perennial grass (it lasts more than one year and every spring it resprouts from the roots), which forms a large dense clump of long linear leaves, with smoothly serrated and sharp edges, generally green, although there are varieties with whitish or yellowish leaves. The flowers, which appear in late summer or early autumn, emerge from the mass of leaves, in large terminal tufts, silky touch and white or pink, depending on the variety, being more striking those of the female plants . These plumes can reach up to 3 meters in height. Wholesale Plant Nursery Near Me Turks And Caicos Islands.

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